Flower in a test tube


Flower in a tube is a product of Plant Biotechnology. It is ‘seeded’ in sterile conditions and grows in a test tube with a specially created nutrient environment containing all the necessary substances and minerals to live for at least 2 months without care. The plant in the tube flowers, reblooms and flowers again. It only needs to be placed in a sunny location with indirect sunlight and a temperature of 22-24 degrees. There is a QR code on the flower box leading to growing instructions.

Shipments to Greece and Romania are delivered for 3 working days. For Bulgaria this time is 1 working day.

There is still time until the desired occasion? You can not wait until the last minute, but place an order right now. Simply indicate in the delivery box for which date you want it delivered.

Important: A flower in a test tube cannot just stand straight up. If you want, see flower in a test tube with stand.


The flower in a test tube is an alternative to bouquets and potted flowers as a gift. A pocket jewel that will bring a cozy atmosphere to your home or office. A fruit of scientific activity that we can bring into our everyday life or give as an innovative and unconventional gift to someone important to us.

And while we often associate flowers with the fairer sex, a flower in a test tube is a fitting gesture to a man.

It requires no watering or other care, and is simply an interior finishing touch to the environment in which we live. It is therefore suitable for people with hectic lives who seek the presence of nature around them.

Flowers in a test tube are ideal for people with respiratory allergies, as the system is completely enclosed. Again for this reason, our torrens are a wonderful arrangement for doctor’s offices and other rooms where pot or bouquet placement is not appropriate.

To begin with for our Flowers in test tubes we have looked at the types:

  • Torenia (Torenia fournieri). An annual flowering plant that is native to South Asia. Its flowers range from pink-purple to blue, but species in white and yellow are also found. The leaves of the torenia are elongated and toothed and the flowers resemble cones.
  • Lobelia. An annual herbaceous beauty with delicate and colourful flowers that set the mood for the whole day. Blooms in pink and in blue.
  • Exacum, Persian violet. A compact herbaceous tropical plant. Its petals are heart-shaped, small and deep green. The flowers are purple in colour.

For now, we do not offer the possibility for you to choose the type of flower and color, because we produce them in small quantities and it is not known which of them we will have available at the given moment.

Their production is eco-friendly and has no harmful impact on the environment.

Best of all, life goes on after the tube. The flower in a test tube can be potted with the right conditions. We call them “our babies” because they are literally growing before our eyes. Together with your children and loved ones, you can track the time it takes for the buds to bloom and the flowers to develop, an interactive way to study the nature around us.

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