Frequently Asked Questions about Flower in a Test Tube

The foil is not removed. It keeps the closed system in the test tube, which is isolated from the outside environment, so that there are no microorganisms on the plant. The cap is only for aesthetic beauty to hide the foil. For more information, see the Growing Instructions.

These are living plants. It is normal for the flowers to overbloom after a certain time. But this does not mean that the whole plant dies. If the plant is green and has a gel, it means that everything is fine. The plant overblooms, buds and blooms again. These are normal reproductive stages that it goes through all the time. For more information, see the Growing Instructions.

Like all aerobic organisms, plants respire. There is a stomata on the outer part of the leaf. Stomata facilitate aeration as well as transpiration of excess water from plants. When there are droplets on the inside of the tube, it means the plant is warm and needs to be moved to a cooler location. Recommended temperature should be 22-24 degrees Celsius. For more information, see the Growing Instructions.

This means that the test tube is contaminated, that is, it is contaminated, microorganisms have entered. This can happen if you have removed the foil, a shipping accident, or a manufacturing accident. In most cases, the plant can coexist with the microorganisms, but when you see the whole plant starting to dry out, you may want to try repotting it. For more information, see the Growing Instructions.

The flower in a test tube must be transplanted under one of the following conditions:

  • When he runs out of nutrient medium (gel).
  • When the gel starts to turn yellow, it means that it accumulates toxic substances.
  • When the plant has filled the entire tube.
  • When the whole plant starts to turn yellow, it means that something is wrong with it in the test tube.

With a skewer stick, push at one end of the tube until air gets under the gel and then push the plant out with the gel. The root is then washed under running water from the gel and placed in a pot with soil. Humidity should be gradually reduced. This can happen through a kind of “cap” from a bottle, for example, to which more and more holes can be added over time. Thus, the flower is not subjected to stress, but slowly and gradually adapts to its new living environment.

You can write to us to return the empty tube to us and we will give you a new flower in a test tube at a discount.

In laboratory practice, the color is accepted as an unwanted effect in the test tube and removed, while we aim for the exact opposite – the plant to bloom in the test tube, which is also our scientific work and innovation. Therefore, at this stage we have 3 studied types of plants blooming in a test tube:

  • Torenia (Torenia fournieri). An annual flowering plant that is native to South Asia. Its flowers range from pink-purple to blue, but species in white and yellow are also found. The leaves of the torenia are elongated and toothed and the flowers resemble cones.
  • Lobelia. An annual herbaceous beauty with delicate and colourful flowers that set the mood for the whole day. Blooms in pink and in blue.
  • Exacum, Persian violet. A compact herbaceous tropical plant. Its petals are heart-shaped, small and deep green. The flowers are purple in colour.

For now, we do not offer the possibility for you to choose the type of flower and color, because we produce them in small quantities and it is not known which of them we will have available at the given moment.

We create our flowers in test tubes using the Micropropagation (in vitro cultivation) method of plants, part of Plant Biotechnology. In this method, only a small part of the plant itself, for example 1 cm of the stem, is needed to develop into an adult. It is “seeded” under sterile conditions in a laboratory and developed in a test tube in which there is a specially created nutrient medium according to a secret recipe containing all the necessary substances and minerals to live for at least 2 months without care. It only needs to be placed in a sunny spot with indirect sunlight and a temperature of 22-24 degrees – as we grow them until they flower and root in a photostat room that has fluorescent lights instead of sunlight. This allows us to produce in Sofia, Bulgaria throughout the year without being affected by seasonal and atmospheric conditions.


The method allows rapid and controlled multiplication of different types of plants. This is not a new method and is widespread in Western Europe and America. Plants created by this method are created and used under laboratory conditions. They are used for rapid and controlled propagation of different types of plants, to meet market needs or for laboratory research, as well as to protect endangered species.

In laboratory practice, the color is accepted as an unwanted effect in the test tube and is removed, while we aim for the exact opposite – the plant to bloom in the test tube, which is also our product innovation.

Yes, we do. You must pay by card, as well as when ordering, write the name and surname, phone number and delivery address of the person who will receive them, and not of the one who orders them. Only the email address must be yours.

Shipments to Greece and Romania are delivered for 3 working days. For Bulgaria this time is 1 working day.

You may not wait until the last minute, but place an order right now. You simply indicate in the delivery field which date you want it delivered.

It is important to match the delivery date as close as possible to the occasion, because they are living flowers and after a certain period their flowers bloom again.

The delivery price is automatically calculated based on the prices of the courier company, after you write your address to which you want it to be delivered when ordering.

Orders over 100 euros have free delivery.

We arrange the following payment methods:

  • Cash on delivery upon receipt of the shipment by an courier.

  • By bank transfer before we send you the shipment.

  • Pay by card immediately when you place an order. In this case, your card must have a 3D confirmation code – otherwise the order is automatically refused.

  • Pay by Bank.

We do corporate orders. We even offer the following cooperation opportunities:

  • First, you take the flowers in tubes with stands (from our ready-made models or custom stands according to your requirements) for your office spaces, and then in 1-2 months we will replace the flowers in tubes with new ones so that they look constantly fresh and in bloom.

  • Let’s make a calendar and take only corporate gifts for your employees for birthdays, name days or other holidays.

It is important to know that you need to place an order for a larger quantity of flowers in tubes 2 months in advance so that we can fulfill the order physically in the best way. For more information, see Corporate Flowers.