Instructions for unconditional care

Only for love

Not open for at least 2 months! Our flowers grow in a tube that has all the necessary nutrients and minerals to live for at least 2 months without care.


To be grown at 22-24 degrees Celsius.


To carry out all the necessary biological processes (photosynthesis and respiration), it must be in a sunny place, but not in direct sunlight.

There is life after the test tube

After using up the nutrients (gel) or reaching maximum growth in the tube, it can be transplanted into a pot. The plant is removed from the tube. The root is washed under running water from the nutrient medium (gel at the bottom) and placed in a pot with soil. Humidity should be gradually reduced. This can happen through a kind of "cap" from a bottle, for example, to which more and more holes can be added over time. Thus, the flower is not subjected to stress, but slowly and gradually adapts to its new living environment.

What is the flower?

To begin with, we focused on the types:

  • Torenia fournieri. An annual flowering plant that is native to South Asia. Its colors range from pink-purple to blue, but white and yellow species are also found. Torenia leaves are elongated and toothed, and the flowers resemble cones.
  • Lobelia. An annual herbaceous, beautiful plant with delicate and colorful flowers that give you a good mood for the whole day. Blooms in pink and blue.
  • Exacum, Persian violet. A compact herbaceous tropical plant. Its petals are heart-shaped, small and deep green. The flowers are purple in colour.

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We hope that this will not be the only time you grow one of our babies.