Flower in a test tube

A bioproduct of Plant Biotechnology, suitable for decoration and as a gift for any occasion, living for a minimum of 2 months without care, including watering.

No need to water for at least 2 months

A pocket jewel

It doesn't stain

It is transplanted

Ideal for people with respiratory allergies


A cosmic gift

The mission of Flower in test tube

  • Reduction of arable areas for cut color that can be used to feed the population.
  • Offering on the market a new environmentally friendly product (biological product with zero waste and minimal carbon footprint during production), which is an alternative to bulky and fast-fading bouquets.
  • A start-up responsible business of young scientists that supports science in Bulgaria.


The “Micropropagation of plants” method is part of Plant Biotechnology and has been used since 1960 for rapid multiplication of plants in laboratory conditions. Then they adapt to the external conditions. They are then transplanted into pots or cut to reach end customers around the world.

While we stop the process down to a test tube. Our innovation is that the plant in the test tube blooms, overblooms and blooms again. When the tube is full, its owner can transplant it into a pot.

The first Flowers in tubes

To begin with, we focused on the types:

  • Torenia (Torenia fournieri). An annual flowering plant that is native to South Asia. Its colors range from pink-purple to blue, but white and yellow species are also found. Torenia leaves are elongated and toothed, and the flowers resemble cones.
  • Lobelia (Lobelia). An annual herbaceous, beautiful plant with delicate and colorful flowers that give you a good mood for the whole day. Blooms in pink and blue.
  •  Exacum (Exacum), Persian violet. A compact herbaceous tropical plant. Its leaves are heart-shaped, small and deep green. The flowers are purple in color.

Science in your hands

As students of Biotechnology at the Faculty of Biology at Sofia University, we had a course in Plant Biotechnology at the Department of Plant Physiology. There we saw an opportunity to start a business with the intermediate product of our lab work. For us, science does not only reach the threshold of the laboratory. Science is more than the complicated terms in English language scientific papers, incomprehensible to non-specialists. That’s why we present it to people in a beautiful and interesting way.

Our team

Joana Ushakova


Biotechnologist and biology teacher. She worked in the microbiological laboratory of SGS – Bulgaria. He is currently a biologist in the Lina medical laboratory.

Peter Neftelimov


Biotechnologist. He graduated with a master’s degree in “Biobusiness and bioentrepreneurship” and MBA. He has over 10 years of experience in entrepreneurship, storytelling, marketing and sales. Founder of Neftelimov.com and co-organizer of Zero Start. Positive journalist at Uspelite.bg. Marketing expert and copywriter at Jamba and Run2Gether Bulgaria. He was a mentor in several entrepreneurial programs for students and youth. Speaker at various events presenting topics on entrepreneurship and science.

In cooperation with

Institute of Decorative and Medicinal Plants, Sofia

Awards and achievements

  • 2nd place in the hackathon for students “Innovation Academy” 2020.
  • One of 17 projects of young scientist-innovators under the program of the “America for Bulgaria” Foundation “The next 10 “Science with a future” – in support of significant ideas in the next 10 years” 2021.
  • We entered the “40 to 40” 2022 ranking of Darik Radio.
  • 3rd place in the competition “Young entrepreneur in science” 2022 of the Center for Technology Transfer, SU.
  • Finalist in the National Final for the Entrepreneurship World Cup 2022.
  • Finalist in the contest “Innovative enterprise of the year” 2022, category “Newly launched innovative enterprise”, with which we receive the right to use the brand “High achievements in innovation” of the Foundation “Applied research and communications”.
  • We entered the “30 under 30” 2022 ranking of Forbes Bulgaria magazine.
  • 1st place in the eCommerce Academy Awards 2023, category ”Social Campaign Run 2023”.

We are waiting for your orders

Flowers in a tube are an innovative solution for decoration, creating a pleasant atmosphere for the home, for restaurants and hotels, as well as for festive events. Of course also for a complementary gift, as well as suitable for an individual gift.