Flowers in test tubes

Be part of the revolution in gifting eco-friendly bouquets without the need for cut flowers. Thus, we will reduce the areas for cut color that can be used to feed the population that is constantly growing worldwide.

Who are we?

We are the first in Eastern Europe to create flowers in test tubes. The method we use is called Plant Micropropagation and is part of Plant Biotechnology. We create them in laboratory conditions so that everything in the test tube is sterile, isolated from external pests. The secret ingredient of our flowers is a specially created nutrient medium containing all the necessary substances and minerals to live for at least 2 months without care. It is only necessary to place it in a sunny place with indirect sunlight and with a temperature of 22-24 degrees.

Advantages of flowers in test tubes

What do you need to know before making an inquiry?

Opportunities for cooperation

  1. First, you take the flowers in tubes with stands (from our ready-made models or custom stands according to your requirements) for your office spaces, and then in 1-2 months we will replace the flowers in tubes with new ones so that they look constantly fresh and in bloom.
  2. Let’s make a calendar and take only corporate gifts for your employees for birthdays, name days or other holidays.

Our corporate clients

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