Wooden wall stand with 3 flowers in test tubes


Our wooden wall stand with flowers in test tubes is an elegant alternative to classic bouquets and potted flowers when it comes to gifting. It is a combination of modern science and natural beauty. The stand allows 3 flowers growing in tubes to be part of your everyday life.

The plants in the test tubes grow in absolutely sterile conditions. The test tube contains a specially created culture medium, providing the flowers with all the necessary nutrients and minerals. This allows them to grow and develop for a minimum of 2 months with no need of any special care, including watering.

To maintain this little nook of nature in your life, simply place the stand on a wall in a room with indirect sunlight and a temperature within 22-24 degrees. All the necessary instructions for growing are available via the QR code on the package.

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Advantages of tube flowers on wooden wall stand:

  • No need of watering for at least 2 months: Forget about daily care – these flowers take care of themselves.
  • Does not stain: Forget about pollen stains on clothes and hands.
  • Can be transplanted into a pot: When the nutrient medium in the test tube runs out, wash the root and move the plant to a pot and continue growing it.
  • Suitable for people with respiratory allergies and for medical facilities: The closed system prevents the spread of allergens.
  • Eco-friendly and cosmic gift: Give a piece of nature that does not require huge areas to grow and water to irrigate.

The wooden wall stand with flowers in test tubes is an alternative to classic bouquets and potted flowers as gifts.

It is a combination of scientific achievements and pure beauty that can bring coziness and nice atmosphere to your home and office as a decoration. This mix of science and innovation can be presented with a wall stand as an unconventional and original gift to the most important ones in your life.

These flowers are perfect for people with respiratory allergies. The system is completely closed, preventing the spread of allergens. The wooden wall stand with flowers in test tubes can be the perfect solution for doctors’ offices and other spaces where traditional flowers can cause problems.

In laboratory practice, the bloom in the test tube is unwanted and it is removed. Our goal is the opposite – these flowers to blossom and delight us with their beauty. At this stage, we have researched several types of flowers that bloom in a test tube, but as we produce them in small quantities, the availability of different types of flowers and colours may vary. This adds an extra element of surprise and uniqueness to your gift.

The production of these flowers and their stands is carried out in an eco-friendly way and does not have negative impact on the environment. And most importantly, life doesn’t end after the test tube. The tube flower from the wooden wall stand can be transplanted into a pot with proper cares.

In order to properly present this product to a wider audience, we offer a wooden wall stand. This birch plywood stand gives our product a finished and stylish look. So you do not only have a piece of science in your home, but also a stylish addition to the interior.

Additional information

Weight 0.300 kg
Dimensions 36 × 28 × 4 cm


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